In this video, Ali Rehman teaching you about Text Frames, Text Colors, Text Selections & much more related to the text in Adobe InDesign.

Topics in this Video:
00:00 – Introduction of Class.
00:35 – Type Text in Adobe InDesign.
01:17 – Typing Method in Adobe InDesign.
02:05 – Convert Frame to Text Frame in Adobe InDesign.
02:36 – What is Dummy text?
03:22 – Add Placeholder (Dummy) Text in Adobe InDesign.
04:04 – Text Breaks.
04:17 – Line Break Shortkey.
04:56 – Paragraph Break Shortkey.
06:22 – Frame Break Shortkey.
07:02 – Overset Text Error in Adobe InDesign.
08:20 – Backspace vs. Delete.
09:11 – Select Text Using Keyboard in Adobe InDesign.
11:17 – Select Text Using Mouse in Adobe InDesign.
12:10 – Change Text Colors in Adobe InDesign.
15:43 – Linked Text frame Color Change.

Placing & Fitting:

Adobe Indesign in Urdu & Hindi Complete Training:

Adobe Illustrator in Urdu & Hindi Complete Training:

Photoshop in Urdu & Hindi Complete Training:

Its Adobe Indesign CC 2021 in Urdu/Hindi by Sir Ali Rehman, Adobe InDesign Complete Training Course in Urdu / Hindi language.

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