In this video, Sir Ali Rehman is teaching you! How to use Masks in Adobe Illustrator and creating Excited Designs.

Topics in this Video
00:19 – What are Masks?
00:39 – How to use the Crop option in pathfinder?
02:30 – What is Draw inside? and How to use Draw inside in Adobe Illustrator?
04:47 – What is Clipping Mask? and How to use Clipping Mask in Adobe Illustrator?
13:31 – How to apply Clipping Mask in Multiple Frames?
16:27 – Advanced Clipping Mask.
21:09 – What is Opacity Mask? and How to use Opacity Mask in Adobe Illustrator?
23:38 – How to create Reflections in Adobe Illustrator?

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Its Adobe Illustrator CC in Urdu/Hindi by Sir Ali Rehman, Adobe Illustrator Complete Training Course in Urdu / Hindi language.

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