Learn the essentials of the product design process and usability testing in this comprehensive guide. We cover key stages of the design process and provide practical tips and best practices for each stage, as well as insights on effective usability testing. By the end of the video, you’ll have a solid understanding of the product design process and how to conduct successful usability testing for your UI/UX design projects.

Topics in this Video:
00:00 – Introduction of Video.
02:10 – Welcome Screen – Dashboard
03:06 – Recent Files
04:59 – Favorite File
06:26 – Team Projects
07:18 – Recent Viewd Files
08:02 – Import Figma File
08:28 – How to Setup Figma Account?
08:56 – What is Figma File?
09:16 – Figma Design File
09:51 – What is Fig Jam?
10:54 – Search Saved Files or any Team Member
12:12 – Figma Community
13:11 – What is UI Kit?
14:23 – New Design File
14:44 – Figma Software Interface
15:38 – What is Draft file means
17:28 – Change File Name
17:57 – How to Share UI
18:26 – How to play Prototype?
18:35 – Why use Pages?
19:38 – How to Add a Frame or Screen?
20:24 – Which size is Best for Desktop Web?
22:13 – How to Rename Screen in Figma

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UI/UX Design with Figma for your Mobile Applications Interfaces & Website Prototype Designs in Urdu / Hindi language.

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