In this Figma tutorial, I’ll be teaching you everything you need to know about vector shapes. You’ll learn what vector shapes are, why we use them, and when to use them. We’ll cover how to fill colors in shapes, add strokes, apply effects, and export shapes for use in other projects. By the end of this video, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of vector shapes in Figma and be able to create stunning vector graphics of your own.

Topics in this Video:
00:00 – Introduction of Video.
02:02 – Creating New File in Figma
02:37 – Difference between Draft & Project in Figma
03:04 – What are Vector Shapes in Figma?
04:14 – Types of Vactor Shapes
06:17 – Why use Vector Shapes in Figma?
08:07 – When using Vector Shapes in Figma?
08:24 – Using Shapes in Figma
09:17 – How to draw Shapes in Figma?
09:45 – How to draw the fixed-size shape in Figma?
11:08 – Transform Shapes in Figma
15:56 – How to use Pen Tool in Figma
19:36 – Flip shapes in Figma
19:53 – How to edit Vector Shapes in Figma
20:54 – Group, Ungroup, Alignment, Arrangement of Shapes in Figma
22:20 – How to Color up vector shapes in Figma?
25:50 – Add strokes in Figma
26:56 – How to copy Shapes in Figma
27:20 – How to apply Effects on vector Shapes in Figma
28:19 – Inner Shadow effect in Figma
29:26 – Drop Shadow effect in Figma
29:52 – Remove Effects from any Shapes in Figma
30:00 – Apply Multiple Effects on shapes in Figma
30:12 – Applying Background Blur effect in Figma
32:13 – Export Shapes in Figma

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