Learn how to create advanced prototypes in Adobe XD in Urdu and Hindi. Learn the basics of Adobe XD and how to create a prototype from scratch.

If you’re interested in learning more about Adobe XD or developing advanced prototypes, then this video is for you! By the end of this video, you’ll have developed a sophisticated prototype in Adobe XD that you can share with your clients!

Topics in this Video:
00:00 – Introduction of Class.
02:10 – How to remove the Prototype link in Adobe XD.
02:26 – How to create Prototype links in Adobe XD.
03:29 – What is the TAP trigger in Adobe XD.
05:45 – What is the DRAG trigger in Adobe XD.
07:40 – What is the TIME trigger in Adobe XD.
08:40 – How to design Animated Splash Screen in Adobe XD.
13:20 – What is the GAMEPAD / KEYBOARD trigger in Adobe XD.
13:44 – How to create Overlay Screen in Adobe XD.
18:30 – How to link Overlay Screen in Adobe XD.
22:28 – How to use VOICE trigger in Adobe XD.

How to use Prototype Tab

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