Its Photoshop in Urdu/Hindi, Photoshop Complete Training Course in your language.

Topics in this Class:
00:20 – What is Animation?
02:16 – Why Animation exists in Photoshop?
02:16 – Types of Animations in Photoshop?
02:42 – What is Frame Animation?
16:40 – Animation through Tweening.
17:00 – How to Export Animations?
17:00 – Export Animation into GIF format?
18:10 – Export Animation into MP4 format?

Master in Actions

Master in Selection

Hue & Saturation

What are the Channels?

Its Photoshop Complete Playlist

How to use Adjustment Layers

Match Colors and Lights of two Different Images

The Smart Objects

Layer Masking (Part-1)

Layer Masking (Part-2)

Layer Masking (Part-3)

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