Adobe InDesign’s Pathfinder Panel offers a powerful set of tools for shaping and combining vector objects, streamlining your design process. In this video, you will learn tips and tricks on how to effectively use the Pathfinder Panel to create stunning designs with ease. From merging shapes to creating complex designs, this guide will take you through the basics to advanced techniques. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, this video is a must-watch for anyone looking to take their InDesign skills to the next level. So, grab your pen tool and join us for a journey through the amazing world of the Pathfinder Panel in Adobe InDesign.

Topics in this Video:
00:00 – Introduction of Class.
01:43 – How to Open Pathfinder Panel in Adobe InDesign.
02:40 – How to Join paths in Adobe InDesign.
03:11 – How to Convert shapes through Pathfinder Panel in Adobe InDesign.
03:24 – How to use Pathfinder Panel in Adobe InDesign.
05:03 – How to Add shapes in Adobe InDesign.
05:41 – How to Subtract shapes in Adobe InDesign.
06:30 – How to Intersect shapes in Adobe InDesign.
07:32 – How to Exclude shapes in Adobe InDesign.
08:04 – How to use the Minus back option in Adobe InDesign.

🎈 Use Shapes in Adobe InDesign

🎈 Use Pathfinder in Adobe Illustrator

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